Ep. 008: Not Just a Bunch of Friggin' Endpoints with Tim Wondergem

What even is architecture? The gang talks distributed architecture (with a domain-driven design chaser) with developer and consultant Tim Wondergem in a special episode recorded live »

Ep. 007: Lucrative and Kinda Sickening with Brett Pennings

Live from Release Mode Village Lee & Jorge welcome back developer Brett Pennings to talk about cash and your side projects. How does monetization affect a »

Ep. 006: A Different Way of Thinking with Chase Bolen

We talk about teaching and how we learn with consultant and coding instructor Chase Bolen. Can anyone learn to program if they're motivated? Is it worth »

Ep. 005: Is This a Sprint or a Leisurely Jog? with Jared Dickson

What happens when Agile methodology falls into the hands of the wrong people? According to our guest application development consultant Jared Dickson, you've got some work »

Ep. 004: Feisty Fist: Origins with Brett Pennings

How do you get into game development? For Brett Pennings, the story starts with an 8th grade kid and a TI-83 calculator. Lee and Jorge welcome »